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Breen Student Union and Hall of Arts and Letters Courtyard
What Is Safety Glazing?

Glass is a breakable material, which when broken into smaller sharp pieces often called shards can cause serious injury. Safety glazing material, usually tempered glass or laminated glass, reduces the risk of injury. Safety glazing can be used in numerous applications, including both residential and commercial properties. Learn more about the benefits and uses of safety glazing.

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Specifications for DURANAR® Coatings by PPG Available on BSD SPECLINK-E® System Specifications for DURANAR® fluoropolymer coatings by PPG are now available on the BSD SPECLINK-E® subscription-based master specification system from Building Systems Design, Inc. The specification writing, management and production system helps architects, engineers and design professionals in the construction industry to reduce specification development time for their projects and to learn about various building products.


Successful Compliance through Thermal Energy Modeling

How does your building design influence energy consumption? How can your project better meet compliance standards for energy and carbon emission targets? To predict future building performance thermal modeling is often used to simulate energy breakdowns. These estimations are often critical in demonstrating to local authorities how proposed designs will meet their sustainability and low carbon agendas.

Learn how thermal modeling enabled the proper specification of building materials which resulted in one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the Southeast.


See the beauty, not the glass.
Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass

When you're designing in clear glass, you want to be able to see right through it as if the glass isn't even there. You want lots of light and transparency. You want colors so true and natural that you’re struck by the view and not by the discoloration and distortion of the glass. Only Starphire glass lets you see the beauty, not the glass. Starphire is the most transparent glass available, and its beautiful blue edge makes it striking as it delivers true color fidelity. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for spandrel, skylight, interior, exterior, vision and security and safety glazings. And it's more affordable than you might think.


Crawford Hall

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Appaloosa Branch Library


Scottsdale, Arizona


DWL Architects & Planners, Inc.



Set delicately above a flowing arroyo and among native cacti, the Appaloosa Branch Library is a 21,500 square foot building occupying four-and-a-half acres of Sonoran desert. Lead architect Jeremy Jones, AIA, LEED AP, was charged with creating an attractive, functional community library that blended seamlessly with the local environment while fulfilling the city’s mandate to earn LEED certification for its newest municipal structure. Large panels of SOLARBAN 60/ATLANTICA glass are integral to the energy performance of the library. With its emerald-green tint, the glass complements the shifting shade of the DURANAR VARI-Cool panels, while transmitting 60 percent of the local daylight and blocking more than half its embedded heat energy.

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Formawall® Dimension Series® 2" (51 mm) Horizontal Flat



  • Substrate & Core:
    • Standard – 22/26 gage G-90 galvanized steel face and liner with HCFC-free polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam-insulated core. Optional gages available.
  • Panel Width: 10" to 40" [254mm to 1016mm]
  • Panel Length
    • Smooth – 1’ [305mm] min. to 16’ [4.88m] max.
    • Embossed striated – 1’ [305mm] min. to 37’ [11.28m] max.
    • Embossed – 1’ [305mm] min. to 37’ [11.28m] max.
    • Duracast – 1’ [305mm] min. to 28’ [8.53m] max.
  • Panel Thickness/Depth of Reveal
    • 2" [51mm] with 1-3/16” [30mm] deep reveal – standard
  • "R" Value
    • 2" [51mm] panel with 1/2” [13mm] reveal – R14
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